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A wedding company with a couple of professional photographers with combined 25 years experience. Team of 45 in-house workforce. We based in Jodhpur & Mumbai but we love travelling & have also covered destination weddings in India & beyond!

Why Us

With an editorial eye and innate sense for understated but impactful images, The sanjay studio are the photographers of choice! ‘ We look for the unexpected moments and a different perspective on the familiar traditions. With more than 2000+ weddings under our belt! Aiming to mix ‘modernity, timelessness and atmosphere’, we as your photographer is all about capturing the fun, laughter and heartfelt moments on a big day. We are wedding photographers because it gathers everything we love: people, fashion, decoration, flowers, architecture and of course, love’.

Services & Specialties

Wedding Photography

Through crisp audio, studio level lighting, troubleshooting & professional sound mixing, our videos reign at the top of independent video production.

Wedding Videography

Our goal is to make the pre & post production process fluid, ensuring a creatively stimulating environment to see your vision to fruition. We work across a wide variety of video genres, allowing us to provide script-to-screen solutions that adhere to professionalism on the video and audio sides.

Instagram Reels

We produce high quality music videos, live sessions, & eye catching scenes. We pride ourselves on creating top tier visual content for all types of musical genres.

Lets Create The Memory Together!

Most of our clients choose to stay private but We are especially honored when top industry insiders ask us to photograph their weddings.

Our Recent Work

Our Appoach

The couples vision always determines our approach! We capture genuine moments that are often unposed! It’s a best way to gaurantee we capture all the photos you and your family have been waiting to frame! From Intimate to the adventurous, we love to capture it all ; moments of togetherness, the passing glances & the large embrace with the family and more.

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